Conservatorships Litigation Expert Los Angeles

When a family member falls ill, there are lots of emotions felt by the relatives.   Some range from being out of control, to extreme anger, which require an expert in litigation of Conservatorships in Los Angeles for guidance to keep and manage the case for you.

What transpires during a conservatorship litigation case that requires an expert in Los Angeles?

There are two kinds of experts that need to be hired.   First, is an expert attorney to conduct the litigation, and the second is an expert doctor to determine the capacity of the proposed conservatee.  Where there is litigation, each side hires their own attorney, and their own doctor.  The doctors are then used to give opinions about the functional deficits of the disabled person which prevents them from acting in their own best interest.

For example, if the question is whether or not the conservatee is able to provide for his or her own housing, then facts determined by other witnesses, but their impact on the mind of the conservatee and his ability is determined by an expert doctor.  Some facts may include hoarding, or inability to pay for rent, etc.

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