Conservatorship Visitation and Custody of a Special Needs Adult and Child – Conservatorship

What to do when your Ex-Spouse will not let you see your special needs child?

When your ex-spouse uses your special needs child to get revenge, there are remedies outside of the family court which allow the other parent to visit and interact with the special needs adult child.    These remedies for visitation and custody of an adult special needs child are obtained through the conservatorship court with special orders.

Is there a Conservatorship in place?

First you must determine, if there is a conservatorship in place.  If there is a conservatorship in place, is the conservatorship a limited conservatorship, or a general conservatorship?  In limited conservatorships, the conservator generally has specific powers.   You should review the court’s order to determine if the ability to restrict the social rights of the conservatee has been given to the conservator parent?  Even when that order exists, you are able to come to court and modify the order in a way that is in the best interest of the special needs child.

Are there existing special orders in place for visitation or custody of the adult special needs person?

Special orders an be set up to allow the other parent to have regular visits, and to participate in the IPPs at the Regional Center.   You should know that the Regional Center will not go against the conservator unless you bring an order that identifies the conservator’s obligations to let you participate.

What are the reasons the ex-spouse is preventing you from visiting with your child?

As divorces are difficult, sometimes divorces spill over to the lives of special needs adults, when the parents simply cannot agree on post 18 visitations or custody.   We excel at getting the orders you need to visit your child and to be able to participate in the life your special needs child

Use of mediation to help get you the visitation or custody orders you need:

Parents are encouraged to attend mediation first because the cost of visitation and custody battles in conservatorship court can become significant.   Talk to us about your particular situation.   We help parents of special needs children get conservatorship visitation and custody orders by obtaining the right instructions from the court.

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