Conservatorship Los Angeles

Conservatorship Los Angeles

Conservatorship of person or estate generally comes about n many situations in Los Angeles.    Limited conservatorship cases and general conservatorship matters, all share a common theme.   A conservatee is the person whose disability interferes with their daily living.   A conservator is the person who comes to court to request permission to handle the personal or financial affairs of the disabled adult.

Limited conservatorship cases usually result from a young person who is becoming an adult, whose parents legally need to apply to court to make decisions for him or her.   One of the requirements of the limited conservatorship is that the developmental disability must have come about before the age of 18 eighteen.

General conservatorship in Los Angeles provides a number of powers to the conservator, and allows the conservator to make most decisions, for health care and for asset management where the conservatorship of person and estate are each given by the court.

Keeping a Conservatorship, whether in Los Angeles or other California County, requires record keeping by the conservator.  A journal of actions for the conservator of the person and a journal of transactions for the conservator of the estate keeps the case organized, and makes it simple to report to the court.

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