Probate Law


Probate Law in California can get complex.  There are often aspects of probate that get mixed with trust law.  Knowing the differences between probate law and trust law can make all the difference in litigation.

Dangers of Self-Help in Probate Litigation

Many times, people try to file objections or petitions in probate and make mistakes that cost them the case.   Some examples of self-help issues that can go wrong in cases may be as follows:

  1.  Do it yourselfers don’t check probate notes and don’t timely clear them.
  2.  Self-Help Probate outfits are not aware of tax ramifications of many items in probate.
  3.  You can easily mess up the court approval or confirmation of a probate sale.
  4.  People fail to timely take the parent-child exemption and lose Prop 13.
  5.  Sometimes, DYI probate outfits fail to pay the income tax of the decedent, and can’t close the probate without it.
  6.  Do it yourself probate persons don’t know what to do when they can’t get bonded.
  7.  Inventories don’t get filed, which prevent people from closing the probate at the end.
  8.  Accountings are not timely done, and the judge issues an OSC (Order to Show Cause) or a citation to bring the administrator or executor to court and possibly sanction them.

Don’t make the above probate mistakes in California.  Hire us for probate law.  We have successfully opened and closed thousands of probates since 1993.   We will keep you in line so your probate can finish smoothly.   Call for Probate Law Advice in Los Angeles County: Mina Sirkin 818,340.4479