Start a California Conservatorship Here

When you want to start a California Conservatorship, you must consider many factors, including costs.  Costs in Conservatorships can have a significant impact on whether a conservatorship will be successful.   First, you must consider what the conservatee will need to support his or her life.   Caregiving costs and conservatorship costs are generally competing costs.  You must first provide for the well-being of the conservatee.

If you are considering a conservatorship, you must keep in mind that the average cost of a non-litigated conservatorship may be 12k per year, and can be significantly more in complicated conservatorship cases.  There are certain things to consider here at the outset, so you do not waste time and money.   Conservatee’s cost of living may change over a period of time, as he or she deteriorates.  Caregiving expenses in a facility can range $4500-13,000 on average per month.  Where the Conservatee has dementia, that cost ca be greater.

So, at the outset, evaluate conservators’s fees, conservator’s attorney’s fees, conservatee’s life care costs, and housing fees.  Call us to discuss how to pay for in home care, or the cost of an assisted living facility.

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