Death of Anthony Bordain: Estate Planning and Mental Health


When Anthony Bordain died, no one anticipated it.   A lesson learned from his life is that planning for your estate should be done during a time when you are well, physically and mentally.  Mental health can vary from time to time.  Plan ahead if you know your loved one’s mental health changes rapidly.

CNN announced that they would play a tribute to Anthony Bordain, and that his show, Anthony Bordain, Parts Unknown will air as expected at 9p on Sunday.

Sudden deaths of those like Kate Spade and Anthony Bordain, make us think that life is very short indeed, and that young family members must be protected from unfortunate events. Planning an estate with an attorney is simple, and can be done in a few appointments.   Don’t delay until it is too late.  If you have family members with mental illness who have young children, you must act to protect their young ones.

Consequences of not planning will leave the family financially and emotionally devastated.   Locate financial documents, organize them, and see professionals whose jobs are to plan for the unexpected.  When someone is mentally ill, more attention should be paid, as the risks of death of those with mental illness are greater.  Greater challenges exist in estate planning for mentally ill individuals. Frequency of episodes, and hospitalization should alert you to pay close attention to them, and the needs of their families.

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