Preparing Wills and Living Trusts in Los Angeles

When preparing wills and living trusts in Los Angeles, an attorney will ask you to bring in certain documents.  To correctly prepare a living trust, Los Angeles practitioners have developed a checklist of items that must be done to insure that title to the assets get transferred to the living trust.

For example, identifying deeds, the correct legal description and Assessor’s Parcel number is part of the tasks of a lawyer when preparing wills and trusts.  The transfer of the asset to the trust avoids probate, which is the main goal of most people who do estate planning in Los Angeles, California.   One of the most important things we do when we prepare your trust and will is to check the title on your home before we transfer the house to your revocable living trust.

Participation in document gathering and preparation makes the process of forming a living trust much faster and simpler.  For each property that you own, provide the attorney for living trusts with a deed, and the property tax bill.  The property tax bill is used to determine your APN number, which is the number that the Los Angeles County Tax Collector uses to identify your property.

Next, make sure that your living trusts lawyer has a list of all of your assets, but more specifically, all of your accounts.  Your attorney will then provide you with instruction letters for each asset which enables you to transfer those accounts to your living trust.   Double check all beneficiary designations when handling will and trust matters to pick up any discrepancies in your wills and trusts versus the beneficiary designation.   Remember that beneficiary designation has priority over the trust and will when it comes to distributions of that asset.  Beneficiary designated assets pass by contract with the named beneficiary receiving the asset outside of the will or trust.

Updates to a living trust include review of all assets, beneficiary designations, as well as the will/trust documents.   Most importantly, insure that power of attorney documents are in place and valid, in case you are incapacitated.   Match trustees, executors, and people who you named as agents under powers of attorney to make sure a coordinated estate plan exists.   Check addresses of all beneficiaries, executors, trustees, and people with a power of attorney to make sure your lawyer’s file is complete.   Contact information coordination is a key to the success of your estate plan in California.

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