2018 PVP Training Attended by Mina Sirkin Attorney

This week, attorney Mina Sirkin attended the 2018 PVP Training presented by the Los Angeles County Bar Association which included the following topics:

  • Good Cause for Temporary Conservatorships
  • Representing the Conservatee at Trial
  • PVP County and Unlawful Detainers: Hardship Exception to Eviction
  • Technology and Innovation for the Aging
  • Privilege changes to the law as of 1/1/19:  Who holds the privilege?  Conservator of Person or Conservator of Estate
  • Working with Other Attorneys

Each month our attorneys attend continuing education classes to bring you the latest changes in Conservatorship law in California, particularly in Los Angeles.  Call PVP attorney Mina Sirkin about the changes in the law as they relate to court cases in conservatorships in Los Angeles.  Call 818.340.4479 or Email us here.