2018 New Things To Learn About the Los Angeles Probate Court

The Probate Court in Los Angeles serves $10,000,000 residents, and currently has 9 judges serving Los Angeles County.   Each year approximately 16,000 new cases get filed in the Los Angeles Superior Probate Court.   The departments handling probate, also handle trusts, conservatorships, guardianships, elder restraining orders, and elder financial abuse.

These probate department judicial assignments are current as of November 2018.

Department 2D: Judge Gus May

Department 3:  Judge David Cowan

Department 4:  Judge Brenda Penny

Department 5:  Judge Michael Small

Department 9:  Judge Clifford Klein

Department 11: Judge Barbara Johnson

Department 67:  Judge Daniel Juarez

Department 79:  Judge Paul Suzuki

Department 99:  Judge Robert Wada

What is the status of electronic filing in Los Angeles Probate Court?  Electronic filing for attorneys has greatly improved, though the court is very behind in issuing orders.  The average time to set a case for a hearing is 70 days, and the average turn around for orders is 3-4 weeks.   Minute orders, and probate and trust documents are now electronically available to attorneys.  For more information about the probate court in LA County, contact us. Call us with of your probate questions in LA County and in San Fernando Valley.

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