Protecting Yourself From Your Agent Under a Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is document that is more important than your will or your trust, because it impacts the maker of the power during his or her life. While you may believe that the intention of your agent is good, you shouldd know that you have options.

A. You can require your agent under a power of attorney to be required to account to you, and a third party if you are incapacitated.

B. You can restrict your agent from taking any action that personally benefits him while you are alive.

C. You can prohibit the agent from acting in certain ways, for example. You can require that your agent must allow all of your family members the right to visit you. This becomes very important because often, agents believe they can keep all people away from you.

D. You can specify the type of housing your agent can prove to you, by building language that limits his contracts.

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