Things to think about when hiring a trust lawyer in Los Angeles

When hiring a trust lawyer in Los Angeles, you should think about many factors.    The time in practice is most important in efficient management of trust litigation in Los Angeles County.   Whether you are involved in creating a trust, administering a trust, or litigating certain aspects of trusts, the way you pay trust attorneys is normally correlated to efficient time management by the attorney.

As for methods of payment for trust services in Los Angeles, trust administration fees are quoted on either an hourly basis, percentage basis, or flat fees.  As opposed to the administration of trusts, litigation of trusts by lawyers in Los Angeles is generally hourly or on a contingency method of fee payment.  Contingency cases are carefully evaluated as Los Angeles County trust disputes may take anywhere from one to four years to complete.

As of last week (Sept. 13, 2018), I was told that Department 67 for example, is setting trials for May of 2019.   That is a very short time in the relative time of litigated matters involving trust cases.  Mind you, the case had started in 2016.  So, the average case may take three years.   Clients often cannot withstand the financial fall out of fighting with family members over trusts or estates.    We highly recommend to our clients to determine the affordability of hiring litigation counsel in Los Angeles trust cases.   Our firm evaluates trust cases on contingency basis as well as on hourly rates.

Some of the factors to consider when hiring a trust lawyer in Los Angeles:

  1.  Exclusive practice in trusts.  Trusts and Probate cases are often connected.  You want to a lawyer who can determine the connection fast and act on each part of the trust or estate in a time efficient manner.
  2. Practice over 20 years.  If your proposed attorney does not have 20 years or longer of experience under his/her belt, the odds are that there are gaps in the information and not all types of litigation have been seen by her and him.
  3. Trust cases require being able to shift strategies in a drop of a hat.   If your proposed attorney does not have flexibility in how the case may end, of if he or she simply wants to take you a trial, run.
  4. Puffing is common among trust and estate lawyers.   Ultimately, the expertise in an area will have to be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  5. How you pay a lawyer should be documented from the start of the case, in writing, and payment arrangements and expectations should be discussed before you hire a lawyer.   Affordability of the case ultimately determines its success.

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