What are the Seven 7 Limited Conservatorships Powers in California?

How to obtain the Seven 7 Limited Conservatorships Powers in California?

Seven conservatorship powers in California

Limited Conservatorship powers allow the Conservator to make certain legal decisions for a Conservatee in California: If you are applying for a Limited Conservatorship in California, you should know that the following Seven (7) powers must be specifically requested from the court, and unless the order includes them, the seven conservatorship powers in California are not automatic and you must claim them in a petition:

(1) To fix the residence or specific dwelling of the limited conservatee.

(2) Access to the confidential records and papers of the limited conservatee.

(3) To consent or withhold consent to the marriage of, or the entrance into a registered domestic partnership by, the limited conservatee.

(4) The right of the limited conservatee to contract.

(5) The power of the limited conservatee to give or withhold medical consent.

(6) The limited conservatee’s right to control his or her own social and sexual contacts and relationships.

(7) Decisions concerning the education of the limited conservatee.

You should know the difference between conservatorship powers, conservatorship duties, and conservatorship rights.  There are important differences among the above which you should discuss with a conservatorship lawyer in California.

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