Where to File a Conservatorship in Los Angeles

Have you ever wondered where to file a conservatorship petition in Los Angeles?

Most of Los Angeles County Conservatorships are filed in the Downtown or Central Court location of the Los Angeles Superior Court located at 111 N. Hill Street, Room 429, Los Angeles, Ca 90012.  There are a few exceptions.  The North Antelope Valley and Lancaster area probates and conservatorships are filed in the Michael Antonovich Antelope Valley Court House.   There is also a “Have Gavel, Will Travel” Program in the Los Angeles County Conservatorship and Probate programs which allows persons with disabilities and conservatorship cases to be heard in the local courts.  Last we know, Van Nuys and Long Beach courthouses do offer the Have Gavel, Will Travel local conservatorship filings in Los Angles County.

However, the two main courthouses in Los Angeles County for filing purposes are:

Downtown Centra Court: Stanley Mosk Court

Antelope Valley Court – Michael Antonovich Court

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