Considerations when you become a conservator

Reasons for becoming a conservator vary in each case but are more complex in Los Angeles and require further considerations.   Sometimes, our clients want to protect an elder from financial abuse.  Other times, an elder can no longer physically care for himself and family members realize that there is no power of attorney in place.

No matter why you want to become a conservator in Los Angeles, you must know that conservatorships have many court deadlines and requirements.   Some of the important things you need to know are:  You can’t pay yourself without a court order.  You must file an inventory with the court.  You have to follow a very stringent requirement of accounting to the court a year after you receive your letters of conservatorship.   Many people refer to Letters of Conservatorship as Letter of Conservatorship, which is a form which indicates the actual authority of the Conservator.

Getting Help and How to Become a Conservator in Los Angeles

Getting help when you want to become a conservator is essential in the success of your case.  Conservatorship cases are very procedural.   Miss the procedure, and the court will deny the petition after giving you a chance to cure the procedural issues.

Getting paid requires a petition for compensation in conservatorships.  Fees sometimes become contested, and the courts often question the fee request by the conservator.

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