Conservatorship Attorney

A conservatorship is much like a power of attorney in Los Angeles. It is the court’s way of giving someone the legal right to take care of another person’s medical decisions and financial management of his or her estate.  The conservatorship process will last a life-time unless the court ends it earlier for good cause.

A conservatorship Attorney helps families care for and protect disabled or at risk persons with conservatorship law.  A person who is disabled or who has lost the ability to manage his medicine, his home, or his food can be conserved as to his person.  This is called a conservatorship of the person.   Alcoholics and persons with substance abuse problems also often cannot manage their medication and assets.

Someone who cannot pay his bills timely, or who is subject of fraud or undue influence, or who either does not know his assets, or cannot manage them, can be conserved as to his estate.  This is called a conservatorship of the estate.  If you are going to become a conservator in California, you should review the conservatorship procedure from a to z.

The person who gets an order from the court to act is called a conservator.   The person who is being cared for, is called a conservatee.  The conservator must post a bond to get an order issued.  Letters of Conservatorship is actually the authority of the conservator to act, and not the order for conservatorship.   If no Letters are issued, no power exists in the conservator.

Conservatorships in Los Angeles can get very expensive, when there re multiple parties who petition, or when there are objections to the conservatorship.   Ask us about what is best in conservatorship planning and how to avoid it with proper estate planning.

Conservatorship feuds are fueled by years of family animosities among family members. Hiring a skilled conservatorship attorney in Los Angeles can determine the fate of your case.    Filing a competing conservatorship petition in addition to an objection to a conservatorship starts the conservatorship litigation process.   Many of the conservatorship litigation cases in Los Angeles get settled in mediation.

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