Probate Attorneys To Compel Distribution

When to attack in trust or probate cases?

Compelling a timely distribution in estate and trust cases is one of the most important thing an aggressive probate attorney can do to protect your rights in an estate or trust.  The person who left a will or trust left you as a beneficiary, and left the duty to distribute to the trustee or executor.   That duty to distribute has time parameters built around it in California.

When to Compel Distribution of an Estate?

When an estate trustee or probate executor waits too long to distribute the assets after death, there is usually something wrong.   How long is too long?  In estates, if an estate is not distributed in one year, the executor or administrator has to file a report or status with the court telling why he has not distributed the assets.

In a trust estate, the timeline is usually much shorter, but can take up to a year.  This depends on what assets exist, if the assets were liquidated, and if the trust or estate is involved in litigation or any type.

What to do about a lazy or negligent executor or trustee?

Take Action, and don’t wait.  Waiting in probate and trust cases works against you.   If the estate does not distribute, it is possible, and at times likely, that the estate will incur losses, and preventing losses is the goal of representation in this area.   If your executor or trustee has not acted, call us.

We take action when the executor or trustee does not.

First, our estate distribution lawyers will review the documents to determine your rights.  Next, we have a plan of action as to what which should be followed next in the estate or trust.   The best course of action is often filing to compel distributions, but that has to be within a reasonable time.  Probate strategies and tactical planning is our special skill acquired over 26 years of practice.   Not every case requires a court filing.   We can tell you what to do, and when to do it, to protect your trust estate and probate rights.

Getting your inheritance involves a plan of distribution of the assets.  We can compel trustees and executors and get you the assets and inheritance you are owed, in the most efficient time possible.

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