Probate Estate Services for Clients in Santa Monica & Westwood

Effective probate estate services include a full review of all trust and probate documents by our attorneys who serve Santa Monica and Westwood.  Whether you have an estate planning case or a trust estate litigation matter that needs attention, you should bring the following documents with you to your free consultation appointment meeting:

  1.  Any Trust of the decedent.
  2.  All Wills of the deceased person.
  3.  Any power of attorney you find which was executed by the decedent before death.
  4.  All known financial records of the decedent.
  5.  All known bills of the deceased or estate.
  6.  Any property tax bills you find on the property owned by your deceased loved one.
  7.  Any documents relating to any dispute such as emails or other correspondence
  8.  Any court papers, pleadings or petitions you have received.
  9.  Any Notice of Hearing you have received.
  10.  If you are dealing with a trust litigation matter, please also bring with you any Notices by the Trustee, also called a PC 16061.7 Notice or notification.

Our attorney routinely represents clients in probate services involving  clients in the Westwood and Santa Monica areas.  Board Certified in Probate.  Call Mina Sirkin, Probate Services Specialist Attorney at 818.340.4470 or Email us: .