How does forming a Special Needs Trust help?

How to save inheritances from Medi-Cal?

How does forming or creating a special needs trust help in Los Angeles?  There are several ways a special needs trust may be used to assist Los Angeles County residents who may be receiving government benefits.

A.  By creating a bucket or vehicle to manage a disabled person’s assets, a special needs person can receive his or her government benefits, while getting benefits of the trust, and all without losing his/her government aid.

B.  Leaving an inheritance to a special needs person in a special trust protects the needs of the person, and protects them from persons who may otherwise target them for financial abuse.

C.  As part of the tools to manage a special person with disability’s rights, this type of trust sets parameters around the actions of the trustee to insure that the government help continues to flow to our loved one.

D.  Protecting a person from himself is also a function of this trust, when the person is unable to manage his impulses in spending money.   An example of this type of person can be a person with alcoholism or a drug use history, or simply someone who cannot say no to his spend thrift habits.

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