How to Terminate a Conservatorship in Los Angeles?

Many people who are conserved wish to terminate a conservatorship in Los Angeles which was set up many years ago.   There are many situations when a probate judge may be inclined to terminate a conservatorship.  Here are some of them:

a.   The conservatee has been restored to capacity.   This means that an expert physician or psychologist must first examine the conservatee and find that he or she has been restored to capacity.

b.   Where the conservatorship of the estate is no longer financially feasible, because the conservatee has run out of money, and the only assets of the conservatee are public benefits or social security.  In those cases, Social Security can be paid to a representative payee, under a system regulated by the Social Security office.

c.   How do you terminate a conservatorship?  To terminate the conservatorship, the conservatee must contact one or both of the PVP attorney or the Los Angeles County Court Investigator with the case number and request that a CAC is appointed to file a petition for termination of the conservatorship.   This does require a statement from the doctor. Call the Los Angeles Court Probate Investigator’s office at 213-830-0855.

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