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Clients in Woodland Hills often ask our attorney whether they need conservatorship for an elderly or disabled parent, or a disabled child.    Below is a checklist we have developed to help you make the decision:

1.   Can he or she properly administer medication to himself or herself?

2.   Can he or she understand the consequence of making a medical decision?

​3.   Can he or she provide food or shelter for himself?

4.   Is he or she easily influenced by others to give away his or her money?

​5.   Are there signs that he or she cannot be safe when left alone at home?

​6.   Is he or she bathing himself or herself?

7.   Does he or she wear clean clothes or wash his or her clothes?

8.   Are there bills that are unpaid?

9.   Is he or she forgetful of recent events?

10.  Are there people who are trying to take financial advantage of him or her?


1.   Call our office at 818.340.4479 and ask for a call assessment regarding your case.

2.   Ask us to give you a Capacity Declaration to be completed by a physician.   If your loved one will not submit to a doctor’s examination, please call us.

3.   Gather a list of medications and assets of your loved one

4.   Set an in-person appointment to go over the Conservatorship Procedures in Los Angeles County.

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