When to get Conservatorship advice about a Los Angeles Conservatorship?

Most people do not know when to ask for help or get advice about conservatorship cases, especially about Los Angeles conservatorship cases.  The range of problems that can arise from not asking for legal advice in a conservatorship range from not getting the result you want, to creating liability that could have been prevented with a simple consultation.

Types of Conservatorship Situations that Require a Consultation or advice.:

a.  Someone has filed a conservatorship, and you do not agree with that.

b.  Someone who claims to be a friend requests the court to become a conservator.

c.  You received a notice of hearing about a conservatorship petition.

d.  The court has set a date by which an objection must be filed.

e.  No inventory was filed in probate court.

f.   The conservator is not a family member.

g.   You received a copy of an accounting, and something does not look right or feel right, Gut feelings are usually rights. You should explore why you feel this way.

Getting experienced counsel in conservatorship is much like selecting a doctor.  You want to select someone who has done this many many many times.   Younger attorneys simply do not have enough experience to handle the complexities of conservatorships.    Call Mina Sirkin, Conservatorship expert attorney about the best conservatorship advice in Los Angeles County.  Call 818.340.4479