More About Conservatorships in California


In California, a California Conservatorship order is obtained when you need to manage a person’s life, assets and finances, and is Los Angeles court ‘s version of a supervised power of attorney with some additional protections in place in Los Angeles County.  Conservatorship definition:  “When you think of a conservatorship in California, think of it as life supervision.”

Two Quick Questions to know if you should call a conservatorship attorney:

Do you have a family member or a friend who is losing competency or has lost capacity and who needs help or protection?   Has your friend or family member been subject to fraud, or are people trying to take advantage of him or her?If the answer is yes to any of the above conservatorship qualifying questions, a knowledgeable conservatorship attorney at our law office in Los Angeles can help you determine if a conservatorship is in the best suited for your love one, or conservatorship services with assist you to protect your loved one’s person and estate.

Focusing on What type of Conservatorship is Needed

With a Limited Conservatorship, many of the rights of the person are kept.  However, when a general conservatorship, sometimes called a permanent conservatorship is put in place, in order for the court to protect the disabled person, the court can take away the powers of the proposed conservatee, to essentially protect him from himself.  These can mean that the conservatee (the conserved person) can lose the ability to write checks, pay bills, and make other financial decisions.   In that same proceeding, the Conservator (supervisor) is given the rights to pay bills, write checks, make investments, and other Conservator duties and powers.

What documents do I need to manage the financial affairs of my aging parent, and how does a conservatorship work?

If your parent did not put a plan in place to manage his or her estate, or sign a valid durable power of attorney when he or she was well, then you go the route of a conservatorship.

In a California Conservatorship, we obtain a court order and letters from the court for our client that names the client as the conservator or decision maker.  When your conservatorship lawyer tells you that you are appointed as the conservator, you will be given court papers and documents called Letters of Conservatorship.  This is a court form and document which gives the conservator the right and duty to act for someone else.  With Letters of Conservatorship, you as a conservator of the estate, can pay bills and collect the income and assets of the disabled loved one.

Possession of a Car by a Disabled or Incompetent Person and Driving issues in Conservatorships in Los Angeles

If you are concerned about your parent or relative driving a car, the court can put in place that the conservatee shall not be in direct possession of his or her automobile, and a doctor can certify that the conservatee is not fit to drive.   When you use the conservatorship attorney at Sirkin Law Group, our attorneys can help you determine what is in the best interest of your family member and put conservatorship protections in place, if your parent or loved one poses a risk to himself or herself in driving.

Do I have choices or any alternatives to a conservatorship in California?

Options and alternatives to conservatorships are the first course of an effective and free conservatorship evaluation during our consultation.  Our lawyers go through the conservatorship alternatives and help you find the most suitable way of helping your parent in Los Angeles.   As part of our due diligence in conservatorships, we evaluate the least costly possible avenues and the least restrictive means first to comply with the standard of care in conservatorships.

There are may choices to explore and our investigating attorney evaluates the cost-expense ratios, pros and cons of conservatorship, as well as suitable other ways to manage the estate and personal affairs of the person, before we petition for conservatorship in California.    If we do determine that the conservatorship is the best way to protect your family member, then we have decide if a conservators of person or conservatorship of the estate, or both are needed.

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