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Our law firm’s probate attorneys have provided expert probate services in Los Angeles since 1993.  We pride ourselves in excelling in quick resolution of probate and estate disputes.

Some cases require specialist care in probate.   The issues that estates face vary from intersections of probate and civil law, to probate and community property disputes.   Whether assets of a decedent are separate property or community property can make a difference in intestacy cases.

Where there is a will which confirms the surviving spouse’s community property interest to her, can mean that the surviving spouse shares in the estate, regardless of whether she is actually a direct beneficiary.  That means that the executor owes the surviving spouse a duty to insure that the community property is properly distributed.


Most experts in Los Angeles Probate will freely tell you that probate can be very complicated.  Litigation can arise before and after a person dies.   Knowing the creditor claims laws in California can help determine whether a creditor will succeed in filing a case in probate.   For example, a creditor who files a petition for probate can miss the creditor claims period by missing the general statute of limitation of one year, and the shorter creditor claims period of four months by getting those dates mixed up.

Once a probate creditor claim is properly filed and served, an expert in probate can advise the creditor as to the next steps.  The executor for example, can reject a probate claim, at which time, the creditor has only 90 days to file suit on the rejected.

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