Do you have an OSC hearing set in Probate Court?

If you have received a notice regarding an OSC hearing from the probate court, chances are that there is a significant problem with your probate case.  There are ways we can help the OSC situation, but first you should learn about what an OSC is in probate.

What is an OSC hearing in Probate?

An OSC hearing is for an “Order to Show Cause” why something required by law has not been done in probate, or why the court should not take an action.   The OSCs come in many different situations.  The following are some of the common reasons why the probate court judge must have ordered the setting of an OSC hearing:

  1.  No bond has been posted;
  2.  No blocked account receipt has been filed with the court;
  3.  No probate letters has been issued;
  4.  No inventory has been filed, or inventory was untimely.
  5.  No accounting has been done.
  6.  No petition for final distribution has been filed in a timely manner.

The MOST COMMON reason for an OSC in probate is that no petition for final distribution and accounting has been filed.

What should you do, if you receive a letter with an OSC hearing date set in probate?

If you receive an OSC letter from the probate court, you should immediately do the following:

  1.  Calendar the hearing date on your calendar.
  2.  Make sure you personally appear before the judge.
  3.  Call our office to see if we can appear with you in court to assist you to tell the judge what you will do to fix the OSC problem.

How can we help you with your OSC hearing?

Our Los Angeles Probate Attorneys fix problems associated with probate OSC hearings. We will meet with you when there is an OSC set.   Once you formally retain us, we will appear with you at the hearing.   We do charge for appearances at  OSC hearings, but is it most important that you have counsel at such a hearing.   We create a plan for you on how to fix the particular problem that has come about with the probate court.   We do the work to cure the OSC.

Who to call when you receive an OSC letter from the Los Angeles Probate Court?

Call Mina Sirkin, Probate Specialist attorney in Los Angeles who can help you fix the probate OSC problems.   Don’t wait.  Call 818,340,4479 or email: