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Starting a probate case can be overwhelming.   Having a Valley probate expert by your side to help you through each step towards the estate distribution goal.   When we represent a California executor, we train our client by explaining the documents that must be filed with the court, and the deadlines that go with those documents.  Having processed thousands of probate cases, we know the importance of court deadlines in probate.

You will avoid an order to show cause when you follow our expert instructions on probate procedure.   When you retain us in a probate matter, you can call us as many times as you need and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you, even if you have the same question more than once.   We want you to have a successful probate so we will walk you through the documents.

LA (Los Angeles) Probate filings have become electronic.  This means that the attorneys are required to file most probate documents electronically.  With expertise in electronic filing, our lawyers can better manage your probate case, so that our focus is getting you to the finish line, which is the distribution of the probate estate assets.

Here is a list of what documents to gather, when you meet with our probate specialist attorney:

  1.  Death Certificates.
  2.  A list of the decedent’s assets.
  3.  If you have access to the decedent’s tax returns, we would appreciate that.
  4.  A copy of the property tax bill.
  5.  Basic general information about the deceased.
  6.  A listing of the closest family member’s names, addresses and telephone numbers.

Have a probate question, call Los Angeles and Valley Probate Expert, Mina Sirkin, who can provide you with an expert opinion about your probate case in the Valley.  Call 818.340.4479 or email: San Fernando valley California Probate Expert.

When to hire a Probate Expert in your Probate Case

How do you know when to hire a probate expert in your probate case?  You should hire someone with more than 25 years of probate experience when there are disputes among family members as to how to handle the assets of the estate.

Complications can arise in sales of probate property when one or more family members live in the property.   When a sibling asks another family member to move out of the property, this request brings with it, feelings of animosity, a power play, and past feelings that have remained unresolved.   When a neutral asks a family member to move out, there are no past feelings involved.  The decision is one of simple economics.  If there is a fight, everyone loses.

Experts in probate know have in their tool box of experience, many creative ways to resolve probate and trust disputes.  Younger lawyers lack the basic understanding of creative solutions and will often take a case to trial, because they simply do not have creative solutions as part of their experience.  When a case goes to trial, in most cases, all beneficiaries lose.

When a probate or trust case is large, the case requires tax expertise.  Hiring a tax expert in probate can save you thousands of dollars and much headache in settlement solutions.  Skillful planning requires training and professional savvy in probate and trust law by a qualified attorney.

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