Elder Care Planning for Incapacity – Woodland Hills

“The most important part of elder care planning is determining what elders would want to do during incapacity.”

Before incapacity happens, you must ask several questions:1.     Where does the elder want to live, if she is incapacitated?
Does the elder want to live in an assisted living facility or at home?
What specific city is a preferred place for residence?
2.     Who does the elder want to live with, she is incapacitated? Where is an appropriate setting for each stage of life including the type of care desired?
3.     With whom does the elder NOT want to live, if she is incapacitated?
4.     How will elder care be paid for during incapacity?
5.     Is there a line of credit available on the house?
6.     Are there enough liquid assets?
7.     Is a conservatorship appropriate, or should it be avoided?

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