Audit and Control a California Executor in Probate

Most people do not realize that the ultimate distribution of an estate is completely dependent on monitoring the well-being, organization and the loyalty of the executor of the will.  Call Sirkin Law at 818.340.4479 for help with executors.

San Fernando Valley: Sirkin Law Group, Probate Expert Valley

Starting a probate case can be overwhelming.   Having a Valley probate expert by your side to help you through each step towards the estate distribution goal.   When we represent a California executor, we train our client by explaining the documents that must be filed with the court, and the deadlines

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Start a California Conservatorship Here

When you want to start a California Conservatorship, you must consider many factors, including costs.  The cost of setting up a Conservatorship can have a significant impact on whether a conservatorship will be successful.  The costs associated with the conservatorship vary from case-to-case depending on whether there is litigation involved

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What are the Seven 7 Limited Conservatorships Powers in California?

How to obtain the Seven 7 Limited Conservatorships Powers in California? Seven conservatorship powers in California Limited Conservatorship powers allow the Conservator to make certain legal decisions for a Conservatee in California: If you are applying for a Limited Conservatorship in California, you should know that the following Seven (7)

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Conservatorships for Non-Developmentally Disabled Adults in California

Many clients ask us about the differences between the Developmentally Disabled Adult Conservatorships called a Limited Conservatorship and what is appropriate for a person who is a non-developmentally disabled adult.  You should know that the main difference between the two types of conservatorships are that the Developmentally Disabled Adult Conservatorship

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Management Powers and Role of an Executor in California

A California executor is the person who is given management powers by the Court to care for the assets of the decedent.  The term executor insinuates that there is a will.  The term administrator of a probate estate insinuates that there is no will, or that the decedent died intestate. 

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Probate Wills

The most important aspect of probate of wills in Los Angeles is authenticating the will, meaning proving the legitimacy of the will in the estate to Probate Court.   How does the probate court authenticate a will?  The process involves publishing a notice in the local newspaper, followed by certain allegations

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More About Conservatorships in California

A CONSERVATORSHIP MEANS SUPERVISION IN CALIFORNIA In California, a California Conservatorship order is obtained when you need to manage a person’s life, assets and finances, and is Los Angeles court ‘s version of a supervised power of attorney with some additional protections in place in Los Angeles County.  Conservatorship definition:  “When

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Conservatorship Attorney Woodland Hills – Woodland Hills Conservatorship Lawyer

WOODLAND HILLS AREA CONSERVATORSHIP ATTORNEY WOODLAND HILLS ATTORNEY ADVICE REGARDING THE TOP 10 QUESTIONS TO HELP YOU KNOW WHEN A CONSERVATORSHIP IS NEEDED FOR A LOVED ONE. Clients in Woodland Hills often ask our attorney whether they need conservatorship for an elderly or disabled parent, or a disabled child.    Below is

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