Real Estate Trust & Estate Litigation

Real Estate problems involving title in trust and estate litigation in probate court are very common with inherited property.  California probate cases commonly have real estate issues which can be solved easily.   Below are some of the examples of probate real property problems our probate real estate attorneys and lawyers can resolve for our clients in Los Angeles:

  1.  A spouse has died having title alone to an asset, and the surviving spouse wants to sell the house.
  2.  There is a defect in the title of a property, and an owner was deceased.
  3. There is a pending real estate contract, and either the seller or the buyer has died while in contract.
  4. There is a pending real estate sales agreement, and either the seller or the buyer have become incompetent.
  5. Someone has tried to buy a property for a crazy amount under market value from an elderly or disabled person.
  6. There is a spouse and children of the deceased person all filing competing or multiple probate petitions.
  7. Children of the first marriage want to force a sale of their deceased father or mother’s estate real property.
  8. You need a court order and probate letters to handle a real estate transfer or transaction.
  9. A trust exists but the home is not in the trust.
  10. A decedent died owning a trust and there is a problem with real estate which needs to be transferred.
  11. You and your sibling inherited a property and want to enter into an agreement about holding title to the asset to protect your family.

These are a few of the common probate real estate problems our law firm can help resolve in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.  Call probate specialist attorney, Mina Sirkin at 818.340.4479 or email: for more probate real estate legal information in Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, California and though out San Fernando Valley.