Probate Litigation

Litigation involving Probate Estates in Los Angeles

Every year, there are over16,000 probate cases filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court, many of which involve probate litigation.   To summarize, here are some of the types of cases we see daily in court:

  1.  Probate disputes involving the suitability of the person who wants to be appointed as the probate executor, or as the probate administrator.
  2.  Probate will contest lawyers litigate undue influence, fraud, duress, and mistakes involving a will of a deceased person.  Most of these types of cases involve undue influence by one child, or a caregiver, and some forgery cases.
  3.  Elder abuse and undue influence go together most of the times, and parties litigate over how the  elder was abused, and the circumstances involving the creation of the will or trust.
  4.  Sometimes, there are forged deeds and transfers to unsuitable LLCs by children which tend to force the trust or estate beneficiaries to move quickly to force a liquidation in court, rather than to allow the bad actors to take advantage of mom or dad’s weakness.
  5.  Situations vary from case to case, and step-children and step-parents often fight the children from another marriage over what should actually be distributed.
  6. We fix cases routinely by first mediating the probate disputes to see if there are possible avenues of creative settlements to pursue.
  7. If you are not happy about how a probate case is progressing, chances are there is something wrong, and the estate executor needs to be held accountable for their actions.

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