Things To Keep in Mind About the Public Guardian in Los Angeles

What are the things to keep in mind about the Public Guardian in Los Angeles?

  1.  The Public Guardian is an arm of the County of Los Angeles.
  2.   While the office is charged with the duty of guarding the public, it does not operate like a business.
  3.   It takes a long time for the Public Guardian to investigate conservatorship cases.
  4.   The employees of the Public Guardian are good people who are just trying to help.
  5.   Kindness goes a long way when your family is involved with the employees of the Public Guardian.
  6.   You must be able to manage your frustration directed at the situation, and not direct it towards the Public Guardian.
  7.   The Courts and judges sometimes prefer the Public Guardian to feuding siblings in conservatorship cases.
  8.   The services of the Public Guardian in conservatorship cases is not free.  The Public Guardian files a petition in court to get paid a fee from the assets in the cases to which they have been assigned.  The lawyers for the Public Guardian are called County Counsel.
  9. The Public Guardian performs a very important service in Los Angeles, which is to protect those who cannot protect themselves .  To get more information about the Public Guardian, call Mina Sirkin.  Mina Sirkin has been a conservatorship attorney in Los Angeles County since 1992.  We can help you resolve problems and get you appointed as the conservator.  Call 818.340.4479 or Email to: